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Industry background

About Celestia

Celestia (TIA) is the first modular blockchain network that enables anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead. Celestia scales by rethinking blockchain architecture from the ground up. It is a minimal blockchain that decouples execution from consensus by introducing a new primitive, data availability sampling. Since Celestia does not impose any execution or settlement constraints, developers are free to define their own execution and settlement environments. This unlocks new, unrealized possibilities for builders and developers. Celestia is a departure from the status quo of monolithic blockchains. Monolithic blockchains face scaling difficulties because they perform all core functions of a blockchain such as processing transactions, ensuring that transactions are correct, and getting network nodes to agree on both the validity and ordering of transactions. Modular blockchains introduced the notion of decoupling consensus from the execution of transactions, thus achieving greater scalability without loss of security or decentralisation. A modular approach to blockchains opens up a world of new possibilities. Experimentation becomes much easier as new application specific or general purpose blockchains can deploy to Celestia and immediately inherit security from Celestia’s validator set. Modular blockchains enable control over the rules of an application through sovereignty because developers can make alterations to the tech stack without permission from outside applications. Visit Celestia docs to get started building: